Wall Panelling, Shelving, Furniture and Media Unit Spraying

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Wall panel painting is a service offered by Joseph Brierley to ensure that your newly fitted wall panelling is in keeping with the style of your home. By using airless spraying and the most up to date spraying techniques, Joseph Brierley provides a perfectly smooth and even finish with no brush marks or streaks. This service can be applied to MDF TV surrounds, shelving units, and classic wall paneling.

Adding character and style.

Wall paneling as most will know is a classic wall feature that can add both a traditional and contemporary feel to the home, it allows the room to become memorable and unique. It also has some more practical benefits too, such as giving walls that see a lot of traffic some added protection, as well as hiding uneven walls.

While home owners spend time choosing the right style of paneling sometimes colour is under considered. By using the best paints that the industry can offer, Joseph Brierley will help you select the perfect paint for your wall paneling that helps bring the room to life. Joseph Brierley can also match any colour, so you won’t be short on options. So whether you’re after a deep rich colour or something light and airy Joseph Brierley will be able to find the right colour.

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