Giving your exterior doors and windows a far superior finish by spray painting. Giving you a home to admire in a fraction of the time than traditional painters.

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Joseph Brierley offers a hassle-free and highly recommended exterior painting service using leading spray painting methods. By providing first rate results on items such as doors, garage doors, windows and UPVC with no brush marks and an outstanding finish.

A modern approach to exterior painting.

Maintaining the outside of the home is important to ensure that it always looks its best. After all, your home’s exterior is the first thing someone sees. Exterior painting plays an important part in maintaining the home’s outside appearance, a fresh coat of paint does wonder to refresh and revitalise tired-looking exterior doors and window frames. So when you start to consider going through with exterior painting, finding a professional decorator with specialist knowledge who uses the latest techniques and the best products is a must.

By using innovative spray painting applications and techniques, Joseph Brierley can renovate your exterior doors and windows (including uPVC) quickly and with stunning results, providing a far superior finish to traditional exterior painting methods. The expert paint selection that Joseph Brierley provides will ensure that the results will last, despite the harsh outdoor environment, so that you can enjoy them for many years.

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